The American Century

Chrysler Building in New York City, 1932

Henry Luce’s American Century (Music)

  I often begin a talk or lecture about American Century Music with a quick survey of the audience: "With a show of hands, how many of you are familiar with the phrase, The American Century?" Occasionally one or two hands sheepishly go up, but more customary is a collection of blank looks, impish grins and expectant eyebrows. With my audiences primarily consisting of college-educated … [Read More...]

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abbey room

Remarks from the Boston Marathon Commemorative Program

Violinist extraordinaire, Gabriela Diaz, performed yesterday at the Boston Public Library as part of their Boston Marathon Commemorative Programs. The program was presented in the stunning Abbey Room andĀ featured unaccompanied works by Morton Feldman, John Heiss, Otto Luening, Mark Berger, Elliott Carter, and John Cage. In case you missed the program, here are my remarks for the program: "Welcome to today's program by American Century Music, featuring violin virtuoso, Gabriela Diaz. American Century Music is honored to be part of this … [Read More...]

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