I’m extremely happy to report that ACM’s debut performance in Washington DC was a hit!  It was so much of a hit that we have the distinction of having created a fire hazard in McEvoy Auditorium….

The auditorium was at over-capacity and during the first half of the concert about 40 people took in the program while standing in the aisles.  This apparently did not go over well with museum security.  By the time the second half got started everyone seems to have found somewhere to sit down (but most came back for more!).

It was a beautiful afternoon of music with Amy Beach’s seldom heard and luxurious Piano Trio in A Major receiving a sensitive reading by Christian Tremblay, Violin, Jessica Sammis, Cello, and Molly Morkoski, Piano.  Molly returned after intermission to give a thrilling account of Ives’ Hawthorne movement from the Concord Sonata.

The audience gave us a warm and enthusiastic standing ovation after we concluded the program with Copland’s Appalachian Spring.

Kudos to everyone involved (audience too!).  It was a concert that I’m very proud to have had as part of ACM’s beginning.


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